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Edition 2018
29 e 30 marzo 2018

Edition 2019
18 e 19 aprile 2019

Exhibition at St. John's Church
Date da stabilire

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In Piazza del Ponte

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Historical Processions, whose origins date back to 1600, are held in Mendrisio during Easter Week. The Historical Processions Foundation was established in 2008 to ensure this important event a future. As a result of the spontaneous interest, motivation and dedicated work of the people of Mendrisio, historical processions have become one of the leading events organised in the Ticino Canton, a high quality happening supported by the regional and cantonal tourist board.

Time and progress move on but the tradition of the Historical Processions of Mendrisio remains a landmark in the seasonal schedule of Mendrisio and of the Ticino Canton.

Acknowledging the specific nature of the Historical Processions of Mendrisio, the city of Mendrisio actively contributes to the development of projects and the conservation of material used for the processions. The city is aware of the importance of this event as it attracts people from everywhere, thus building interest and offering an opportunity for promotional initiatives.

The Foundation's Board is assisted by many voluntary workers who, with remarkable commitment and reliability, perform the many tasks required to prepare the two processions. They follow and coordinate them. I wish to warmly thank these voluntary workers for their motivation and the important work carried out.

The pages of this website have been carefully drawn up. We wish to introduce you to the Historical Processions, tell you about the people of Mendrisio and their traditions, answer any questions issuing from curiosity, and draw the attention of those who have still to perceive the unique nature of these Easter events.

I hope you find this presentation absorbing, and that its supporters and the public will grow in order to find, even with innovations, the continuity required to keep it alive in the course of time.

I look forward to meeting you at the next edition of the Historical Processions in Mendrisio. Sincerely,

Giuseppe Poma
President of the Foundation's Board