The next edition

The Historical Processions Foundation of Mendrisio is already preparing the 2015 processions that will be held in Mendrisio on Thursday, 24 March and on Friday, 25 March, starting at 08.45 pm.

Some events related to Easter will be held already from Palm Sunday both in Mendrisio and in the region.
We invite you to check the events schedule:

In pza del Ponte è predisposta un'area riservata che può accogliere disabili.

St. John's exhibition

The dates when material used for the Holy Thursday procession will be exhibited to the public have not been defined as yet. The dates will soon be indicated.

Info point

There will be a special Info Point in Piazza del Ponte, by the Parish Church, starting from Palm Sunday. Tickets for the stand, books, DVDs and promotional material available may be purchased here.