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Swiss candidature for the Indicative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage

From 22.10.2014 the Holy Week Processions in Mendrisio appear in the official list of candidates awaiting the UNESCO's acknowledgement as Intangible Cultural Heritage, as officially announced by the Federal Council, which has approved an approximate list of eight Swiss traditions.

These will, therefore, be proposed to the UNESCO Commission to be entered in the representative list of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of the world in Switzerland.

The system adopted to assess the individual dossiers of the eight official candidates must now follow the procedure that requires the annual submission of a candidate to the UNESCO experts.

We still do not know the details of the order of presentation of the candidates.

The Historical Processions Foundation is clearly proud of the addition, on the part of the federal authorities, of the Easter event in Mendrisio, which is closely related to the tradition of the people of Mendrisio and of the region. The Foundation has always been involved in the assessment procedure, along with the competent municipal and cantonal authorities.

The Historical Processions Foundation hopes that the many efforts made by so many people to organise these events will be rewarded with such a prestigious international acknowledgement. It must also be said that the special feature of the presence of the Transparents is actually the element that distinguishes these processions from the many that are held in every part of the world for Easter.