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The characters

Besides the characters present in the story of the Passion of Christ based on the Gospels, the Funziun di Giüdee also witnesses the parade along the streets of the Magnifico Borgo of legendary characters who are, at times, cited in the Apocryphal Gospels (such as the Roman soldier Longinus), or who are totally invented (the mysterious knight Nascia and the child who accompanies him). This mixture of evangelical, historical and legendary characters is the particular feature of the procession that is held on Holy Thursday in Mendrisio.

The order of the procession is, in fact, all but faithful to the orthodox narration of Jesus' climb to Calvary. Some characters, for instance, belong to episodes that either precede or come after the Passion, while some canonical episodes of the evangelical story do not appear in the Funziun di Giüdee, which remains, despite all the more or less intentional errors, an interesting "popular interpretation of the religious principles in a far more modest key, (...), that first and foremost tends to express itself in simple representative forms."