Order of the procession
The groups
The lamps
The children
The music
The confraternities
The prelates
The Dead Christ
Our Lady of Sorrows




The groups

Every year the Good Friday procession counts about 800 to 900 participants who file in seven different groups, whose composition can vary. The number of this internal division is not defined at random. In fact, the 18th century « Plan » distinguishes the groups based on the Seven Sorrows of Mary, which we also see represented in the seven swords on the silver heart of the statue of Our Lady of Sorrows and in the paintings (by Domenico Pozzi, Ignazio Stern, Giovan Battista Bagutti) in the side chapels of the Church of St. John.

Seven Sorrows

The Seven Sorrows of the Virgin include the prophecy of elderly Simeon on seeing the Child Jesus, the Holy Family's escape from Egypt, the loss of the Child Jesus in the Temple, the meeting of Mary and Jesus along the Way of the Cross, Mary at the foot of the cross, Mary embracing the dead Jesus and Mary watching Jesus being buried.