Order of the procession
The groups
The lamps
The children
The music
The confraternities
The prelates
The Dead Christ
Our Lady of Sorrows




The music

From the first documental evidence we learn that music accompanied the service. The “sinfonia” is mentioned in the “Plan,” situated in the fifth place before the dead Christ, while another one preceded Our Lady of Sorrows. Today the progress of the Good Friday procession is marked by the rhythm of music of the four philharmonic orchestras that file divided into three different moments of the procession, precisely in the leading group, at the centre and at the end of the parade.

Besides the Civica Filarmonica di Mendrisio, the bands of Stabio and San Pietro di Stabio also constantly attend the Holy Week in Mendrisio. Groups from other municipalities of Ticino, such as, for example RiBiCa (Rivera, Bironico and Camignolo) or the band from Sonvico are also invited every year. In the past it was not an unusual sight to observe philharmonic orchestras from across the border filing in the procession.