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The Historical Processions of Mendrisio are annually held on Holy Thursday and Holy Friday during the week that precedes Easter. To deeply perceive the value of these two parades that have been handed down through the generations among the people of Mendrisio, we suggest that you should reach the region at the latest on Holy Thursday, during the day.

Mendrisio, which is today the municipality that counts the largest number of vineyards in the Canton, can be easily reached by car along the motorway that links Milan and Basil, the A2. Do not underestimate the fact that Mendrisio can be easily reached by train, and that there are four leading international airports (Lugano, Milan-Malpensa, Milan-Linate and Milan-Bergamo) within a radius of 60 km.

The centre of Mendrisio is only open to pedestrians, and near the Historical Centre there are four multi-storey car parks and several parking areas. The railway station is 10 minutes on foot from the main square.

The whole area in the Historical Centre can only be accessed by pedestrians. Here the regional tourist bureau has installed some didactic panels with historical and cultural information that could offer a first opportunity to approach the history of both Mendrisio and its people. The tourist office provides information about the itinerary, and there are also audio guides available free of charge that propose texts in four languages.

Along the historical and cultural itinerary of Mendrisio you will find the main churches that are related to the Historical Processions. You can walk along the main streets of the Town to admire the Processions go by.

The population of the Region is known for being always warm, friendly and helpful. The official language is Italian but it is not rare to meet people who speak fluent German, French and English. The city of Mendrisio, as the entire Region, offers additional opportunities for cultural enrichment, besides intriguing food and wine tasting experiences worth trying. For more information, visit the website of the regional tourist bureau: