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The new “Museo del Trasparente” provides an opportunity to observe these wonderful objects close-up, to learn about how they are made and to find out more about the various different types of this unusual decorative item. “Trasparenti” are illuminated nocturnal paintings used to embellish the ancient town along the route of the Maundy Thursday and Good Friday processions, a much-loved folk tradition among the local people that has changed very little over the years.

26 of these objects, including lanterns, “strumenti della Passione”, “vele”, “lesene”, “balconcini”, “tempietti” and the central part complete with the side sections of one of the ten large “porte” will feature in an elegant yet understated display in the intimate spaces of Casa Croci.

Thanks to the slender structures and a complex lighting system, developed specifically for the occasion, each small room has been transformed into a kind of niche where the “trasparente” can be admired at close range.