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The exhibition

The display opens with two rooms devoted to historical documentation and photographs of the “trasparenti” during the Processions.

Archive materials are accompanied by a number of tools and a series of lanterns: carried by hand during the Processions, these account for more than half of the approximately 600 items.

The first floor brings various different types together: from the largest – the so-called “porta” – with its central scene on display, which features two “profeti” at the sides, partially reconstructing the original triptych, to the smallest – the “tempietto” – progressing in order of size from the “lesene” to the “vele” and “balconcini”.

The rooms are dominated by the work of the painter Giovan Battista Bagutti, whose workshop produced the original series of 58 illuminated paintings: a collection of great artistic and historic importance.

There are also a number of rustic 19th-century examples and a 20th-century work by another important artist, Mario Gilardi (1904-1970), illustrating the continuity of this particular painterly technique over the centuries. A multimedia video shows visitors the pieces on display in their original settings around the town.